Actions Have Consequences


             The composition of the agricultural industry has changed tremendously over time.  New technology and corporations have impacted and changed the traditional culture of agriculture.  Farming with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has increased in popularity in the United States. Monsanto has revolutionized the agricultural industry through its genetically engineered seeds (Ferrell, Fraedrich, Ferrell, 304). Monsanto is a highly scrutinized corporation due to its infamous reputation for accusing farmers of patent infringement and its manipulation of dairy products through biotechnology processes. Continue reading


Looking into America’s Obesity Crisis with “Food Fight”

261850For Paper 2, I plan to use the Whole Foods Harvard Business Case and explore the role of ethics in the food industry.  In order to find a book I could potentially use for Paper 2, I initially tried to find “Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the heroic spirit of business,” a book written by John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods. Since the library didn’t have it and I would like to use it as a source for me paper, I requested an interlibrary loan. I then used Google Scholar to search for Mackey’s novel and attempted to find books that cited his book. Unfortunately I only found online articles. Continue reading