Data, Drugs, and Duping Sick Patients

Evidence based meds Goldacre quoteIn my white paper, I am to explore the ethical considerations of pharmaceutical colonialism. As described in my last post HERE, this term is when medicines that have no real medical backing are tested in sickly and underdeveloped nations (usually Africa) for profit.  Specifically, I dissected the case of the Matthias Rath Foundation, and their implementation of their multivitamin AIDS medicine in South Africa. Rath’s multivitamin was less effective than the previous anti-retrovirals, but the data was messed with to support his drug. Rath also had a supreme marketing strategy, which clung onto the South African gov’t, the “anti white man” African culture, and through extreme advertising to bash the “Western” anti-retrovirals, and promote his medicine for profit.

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Bad Science — Medical Misrepresentation Moves to Murder

For my paper 2 I want to discuss the spread of disease in underdeveloped countries, and the struggle to provide the correct medicine. I found a book called Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. The book aims to reveal the misrepresentation of medical science in medicine in various instances around the globe and time.

Goldacre reveals how Matthias Rash took advantage of a vulnerable and sick South Africa for profit

Goldacre reveals how Matthias Rash took advantage of a vulnerable and sick South Africa for profit

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My old 2 cents…

In the poll I put up, about half of you did not want me to post.

I go back-and-forth in my own mind about how much to contribute to the blog, how much to join in discussions, and so on.  On the one hand, I think you have a right to know “where I am coming from,” especially since I think transparency is superior to trying to pretend we have “completely objective” viewpoints.   On the other, I can take many different positions on different business or political issues; moreover, I do not want you to think I am grading your political philosophy even when I agree or disagree with you. Continue reading