The Great Wall of Secrets

As I mentioned in my first blog post, Apple has been reprimanded in the past for its poor treatment of workers, especially in China. This podcast really intrigued me. Since I am a Management and East Asian Studies double major, I have learned a lot about China over the past couple years and have taken Chinese for 7 years.  Additionally, since last May I have watched Apple very closely for one of my classes, the Student Managed Investment Fund. With that said, I really understood what Mr. Daisy was talking about. After learning about China and Apple throughout the past couple years and then visiting Beijing and Hong Kong three years ago, I have learned that China is filled with secrets. Apple is no outlier. Even when I went to Tiananmen Square and my mom asked our translator, “What happened here?” she responded with “I don’t know.” Of course she knew. It was very courageous of Mr. Daisy to attempt to break down this wall of secrets. Additionally, I agree wholeheartedly that Apple, a “company so obsessed with details” could overlook the under-aged workers and the conditions they have to work in. Furthermore, as consumers, we need to be more aware of where our products come from, how they are made, and who makes them.