Sustainability, A Pitcher At A Time



 As many of us recover from the activities of this “Non HPW”, I wonder how many opportunities were lost to enact some sustainable practices this weekend. Its hard to imagine how many  cans of  Natty or bottles of the  Andre´ were tossed in the trash or tucked  away in the bushes. It’s not just a question I raise just because this weekend past, but every weekend we seek a release from the stresses of being a student. Every register there is alcohol served and because kegs are not allowed on campus, the hosts are then required to buy around 450 cans each party. Because the cans are not redeemable, they are often tossed on the trash.  My question is, is there a way to make incorporate being sustainable  in the party activities on campus? Is there a way to create some incentive that encourages students to think about recycling more at parties and events? 


Campaign Finance Reform: A Necessary Change

Executive Summary

Campaign finance reform is the effort to change the power and effect that money has on United States politics, particularly elections. The current sanctions and regulations placed on groups or individuals who donate money to certain parties or candidates are not thorough enough. Campaign finance law is often thought about as loopholes rather than laws. Candidates and supporters find different loopholes in order to pour money into different sectors to influence politicians.  Although it is difficult to stop people from donating money where they please because of their first amendment rights, there needs to be a governmental change in order to overcome this misrepresentation of the American people. More power needs to be given to the Federal Election Committee and the right people need to be selected to run the FEC. Campaigns need to be run mostly by publicly funded money so that the American people are actually represented in Congress.

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Return of The Nap!


As a young child, we were often forced to take naps whether it was at school, or at home. We resented the attempts to take us away from our favorite cartoons or play time. Fast forward a decade and some and as a college student we relish the chance to take a nap in between out hectic schedules. Being a sleep deprived student myself, I decided my policy would be for mandatory nap time for college students. Continue reading

Texting: Like OMG We Can’t Stop #Miley

One aspect of technology that has greatly changed social interactions is texting. How often do you actually pick up the phone to call someone?


“I used to call people, then I got into emailing, then texting, and now I just ignore everyone.”– The New Yorker

I admit, I am an avid texter.  Often, I would much rather text someone than call them (but I’m working on it!). The most appealing thing about texting to me is that it allows you to multitask. You can be working out on the elliptical and texting five people at the same time and still listen to your music. Continue reading


I found in the quiz that I am an ambivalent networker – I have allowed technology to help me in my everyday life via interactions and entertainment, but I still find too much digital communication to be intrusive. This seems perfect for me as I know I’m not the fastest texter and I like having a face to face conversation or telephone communication before typing one out. But, I also use the computer for EVERYTHING from school work to Netflix. So I like to think I am ambivalent towards technology, at least for now.


When I read the prompt, I knew I wanted to look at how sports was changed by technology and then remembered that it was an Olympic year. So I did a little research about how the Olympics has changed because of technology since the last Winter Games. Continue reading — The Force Behind a Smarter Sales Team provides a social network like experience to promote a more collaborative sales team provides a social network like experience to promote a more collaborative sales team

The engine behind most of today’s most successful businesses is a powerful sales team. The ability to be effective on the front lines of business to business sales brings more benefits than just an increased bottom line. A team that is highly collaborative and trained can master the art of relationship management. is a technology that has taken the “social network” idea, and applied it to improve communication and collaboration between sales team members. When you have successes out in the field, it is very advantageous to share those stories with other members of the team. That way, others can try out new selling strategies in their respective territories, creating a more effective team. acts similarly to Facebook in that you create a network where you can share ideas, comment, work on projects, etc…the list goes on. Check it out yourself, here is a link to the, you can see all the different services they offer. It is a seamless social network that can can be useful for any type of business.

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Google Docs

Upon taking the technology quiz I was deemed a “Digital Collaborator.” This grouping means I enjoy using information technology to connect with others. I am also confident in my skills to manage and use technology. I would agree that I fit into this category. I believe advances in technology have made it much easier for people to collaborate.

I choose to stick with the theme of collaboration for my blog. I would like to focus on the invention of Google Docs.googledocs I have had many group projects in college and Google Docs has made group work much easier and more convenient. Google describes Google Docs as, “an easy-to-use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor that enables you and your students to create, store and share instantly and securely, and collaborate online in real time.” Continue reading


Drive Your Truck

“I Drive Your Truck,” written by Lee Brice, is a critically acclaimed country song written about the sporadic emotions that happen after a person loses one close to them. The raw emotion in the song is what truly brings the listener in to fully understand the lyrics

I drive your truck
I roll every window down
And I burn up
Every back road in this town
I find a field, I tear it up
Til all the pain’s a cloud of dust
Yeah, sometimes I drive your truck

When looking deeper into the origins of the song, I found that this was not just a song about a countryman driving around to cope with the loss of a friend. It is actually a true tale of a father losing his son to fighting in Afghanistan while serving in the Army. The truck belonged to the son before he was deployed and his father still drives the truck to remember his son that was so tragically killed.

Although this is not specifically a song that entails ethics, it directly relates to modern life and practical virtue. Death is something we all have to deal with and when it comes so suddenly as can be seen in this song, it is tough to handle. The Senators and Congressmen who push so feverishly for war are the same ones sitting in their offices not putting their neck on the line in battle. These men and women that fight overseas to protect our country are true heroes to not only the family members that they leave behind, but everyone else who lives and works freely everyday in the great United States.

Who Runs the World?

I listen to a lot of music so I figured it would easy for me to find pick a song for this assignment…it took me a solid hour to find a song because a lot of the songs that I went through were about love and I wanted to find a song with a different meaning. After an hour I finally chose “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé.

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All Fair in Fair Trade?


       You’re morning alarm goes off and there is only one thing on your mind, a hot fresh cup of joe cascading down the slippery smooth lining of your throat. After two satisfying gulps and a slight moan of appreciation you are awake and coffee has once again saved the start of your day. Coffee has become a daily necessity for some. It’s no surprise then that coffee is the second greatest trade commodity in the world, trailing only the Crude Oil industry. Thanks this popularity, Starbucks has been able to become ‘King of the Beans’ as the largest coffee company in the world. The demand for coffee is so great that it outpaces water consumption. So it might make sense then why as I write this paper, I have a cup of Starbucks coffee next to me.

As I sip on my ice-cold Dark Verona coffee, I have to wonder where Continue reading

Meaning in Music

POST is due SUNDAY.  Comments Sunday-Monday as best you can.

Your goal: use song lyrics as a launching pad, as the basis for a riff, on some aspect of ethics, social change, modern life, meaning, practical virtue, and so on.


Joan Baez and Bob Dylan

Please include the lyric AND, if you can, a link to the song.

Feel free to cover any genre, from African drumming to Zydeco. Continue reading

TED week Blog Council Report

JORDIWelcome to the “MGMT 312 Talk” Awards!

The Blog Council loved reading your posts this week! Everyone chose fascinating topics and seemed to learn quite a bit. Thanks for sharing the knowledge you gained with the rest of us. Make sure you’re adding an analysis and your opinion in future posts. Remember to comment; we love to hear your thoughts!

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Public Sector Influence in the Private Sector – A Catalytic Relationship

I found a compelling TED talk by Mariana Mazzucato called “Government: Investor, Risk-taker, Innovator” which describes her argument regarding government’s investment and support in private sector research and innovation.  She details the misconceptions about ‘revolutionary’ firms who innovate and the persistent idea that government should simply support basic institutional structures to maintain stability and promote growth and innovation in the private sector.

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Fair Phones

For my TED talk, i decided to look for videos with relevance to my paper topic of fair trade. What I pulled up was a video called Demand a fair trade cell phone and as I am always on my phone, it figured it would be a good video to watch. I didn’t expect my views to be changed so much or for me to take a different look at the technology industry.

I decided to research the speaker , Bandi Mbubi a little and find out more information about him. If its anything Mike Daisey thought us its a little research never hurts. Mbubi moved to the UK at 21 under political asylum from his home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo.He was a student activist who fled the country after his safety was threatened.

One of the things the struck me the most during the video was Bandi’s comment, “strange paradox that the phones in our pockets are instruments of both freedom and oppression.” This country that has been so war torn because of the used of titanium to fund the actions of illegal arms group was also important for a country striving to grow. This is not the first time we have seen something like this however. For decades conflict diamonds were used to fund militias and armed rebels in countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Much like the push for conflict free diamonds, electronic manufacturers  have the opportunity to change and that is the purpose behind Bandi’s Congo Calling. it works to bring awareness of the injustice in the nation as well as seeking to share the benefits from these resources with the Congolese people.

Data, Drugs, and Duping Sick Patients

Evidence based meds Goldacre quoteIn my white paper, I am to explore the ethical considerations of pharmaceutical colonialism. As described in my last post HERE, this term is when medicines that have no real medical backing are tested in sickly and underdeveloped nations (usually Africa) for profit.  Specifically, I dissected the case of the Matthias Rath Foundation, and their implementation of their multivitamin AIDS medicine in South Africa. Rath’s multivitamin was less effective than the previous anti-retrovirals, but the data was messed with to support his drug. Rath also had a supreme marketing strategy, which clung onto the South African gov’t, the “anti white man” African culture, and through extreme advertising to bash the “Western” anti-retrovirals, and promote his medicine for profit.

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Bad Science — Medical Misrepresentation Moves to Murder

For my paper 2 I want to discuss the spread of disease in underdeveloped countries, and the struggle to provide the correct medicine. I found a book called Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. The book aims to reveal the misrepresentation of medical science in medicine in various instances around the globe and time.

Goldacre reveals how Matthias Rash took advantage of a vulnerable and sick South Africa for profit

Goldacre reveals how Matthias Rash took advantage of a vulnerable and sick South Africa for profit

This particular chapter was added years later to the book about AIDS and Matthias Rash because Goldacre was being sued by Rash. Continue reading

Revisiting America’s Affair with Financial Institutions

During the financial crisis of 2008, AIG was one of the most critical firms facing failure, and as the US Government stepped in to provide assistance in order to prevent the larger financial system from unraveling.  The outcome of the situation involves an overhaul of regulations a la Dodd-Frank, as well as a number of government-influenced management decisions after giving AIG a multi-billion dollar bailout.  My focus for paper 2 is to analyze the precedent AIG set for establishing a business of such magnitude on practices that could tear down the financial sector of the United States in a matter of weeks, and threaten the greater economy as a whole. 

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Obamacare: Progress for Women’s Health; What about Abortion Coverage?

health-care-reform-cartoonI  scored 6/10 on the Health Reform quiz, which seems to be the average for the class. A few weeks ago I attended an informational session on the Afforable Care Act, where I learned the basics of what the act does (presented by Brandn Green and Carl Milofsky). The presentation didn’t have a political agenda; the speakers wanted to spread knowledge about what the act does and how to sign up for insurance.

I was surprised to see that the Kaiser Family summary of the PPACA specifically addressed abortion, so I did research on how the act confronts the issue of abortion. Viewpoints on abortion tend to be polarized along party lines, therefore I expected “Obamacare” to increase access to abortion and decrease the cost of abortion. Though abortion is a controversial piece of the act, I found that the PPACA doesn’t address it in a radical way.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act allows for federal subsides to be used for abortion services permitted under the Hyde Amendment. This amendment was passed in 1977 in response to Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion. The Hyde Amendment particularly affects Medicare; it prevents federal funds from paying for abortions unless the mother’s life is in danger, or she is a victim of rape or incest. The Hyde Amendment applies to the new health insurance exchanges. Those who wish to purchase abortion coverage can choose a specific plan (if their state allows) where their payments will go into two different accounts: one for abortion coverage and one for the remainder of the premium. The abortion coverage payment must be at least one dollar per month per enrollee. Continue reading

Putting Small Business in a Pickle


Is it time to deal with this piece yet?

After navigating through the quiz, answering questions based on what I guessed the government would do, I got a 7 out of 10, despite not being able to explain any of the answers in depth.  While the overall benefits of the plan shocked my preconceived notions of the act, the implementation of an insurance marketplace and plethora of benefits throughout the program changed my opinion and attracted me to the large changes in the healthcare system.  However, one area of the PPACA regarding small business and employee coverage strikes me as flawed, with a slight inconsistency to the detriment of a select group of employers.

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Tax on Medical Devices

By taking this quiz I truly realized how little I know about the PPACA. Although I did score a 4/10, to be fair I would have to call all of my answers guesses. I find it quite amazing how little I know about one of the top, if not the single most common subject mentioned in the news. Now, I do take some responsibility for this, but I do not think it lies solely with me. We have talked all semester about the best way to present information for your audience, and it is clear that the government did not do an extensive job presenting this piece of legislation. Perhaps when something so relevant comes into law the government (like the PPACA) should go to extra lengths to ensure that the public is well informed to its purpose, or supposed purpose.

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A Ploy or Politics ?

I always knew I leaned to the right but being labeled a “Main Street Republican” seemed a bit far to me. But after reading an article from The Nation, it was easy to side with the Republicans. Being from New Jersey, I was drawn to the article about Chris Christie. It was written about the special senator election after the passing of the former NJ senator, Frank Lautenrberg. Cory Booker was, a Democrat was elected. John Nichols writes that Christie planned this special election in an attempt to curb the gubernatorial election at the beginning of next month. It apparently was a ploy to keep voters from going to the polls by confusing them with a date change. Changing the voting date from a Tuesday to a Wednesday is what ruined the election – except it didn’t. The Democrat won. Even though Christie rigged the election by confusing voters, the opposite party won the election, sending another Democrat to DC. Yes the turn out was low and the Democratic candidate would have safely won the election, but the article suggests that this is not a positive for the Democratic Party. It is instead an “atrocious abuse of political process,” simply because Christie changed the Election Day.

The way Christie set up the election day is was smart way to win an election. Being a Republican in a primarily Democratic state, Christie used the means he had available to help him in the up coming election for governor. It was a strategy, not a ploy. Any politician makes things work in their favor. In doing this, he still helped the democrats too. A Democratic senator was still elected. There is no need to blame him for abusing power or using manipulation when all he did was try to help himself in his upcoming election. This article was “atrociously” exaggerated and based on assumption.

Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer

Americans want a cohesive government, but all we get is childish bickering.

Americans want a cohesive government, but all we get is childish bickering.

After taking the test, I found that I am a post-modernistic thinker.

Here, is my test.

This basically means that I am generally supportive of government, but really in the hope that we will reform our view of regulation and sustainability as a tool for a prosperous future. I was very interested to see my score on the political view test, and it really does seem to be accurate. Throughout the 16 day shutdown, I felt more so that the government was being childish than anything. Although the Republican party knew that it wouldn’t succeed in not raising the debt ceiling, they pushed for a long time, costing us approximately 26 billion dollars to our economy according to Standard & Poors. I strongly opposed the shutdown, and felt that we really just needed to make a decision and go with it. After 16 days, we have gone with the decision to raise the debt ceiling for now, but who is to say that we won’t be having these same grueling arguments in February when the debt question will be up again. Continue reading