Crash of the Titans

I will be writing my paper 2 on the acquisition of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America during the financial crisis, analyzing the ethics behind the negotiation between Ken Lewis (CEO of Bank of America) and John Thain (CEO of Merrill Lynch).  This topic was particularly interesting to me because I worked at Merrill Lynch (and, by association, Bank of America) two years ago and had been exposed to the aftermath of the deal. Continue reading


A Trip to Bertrand


I was quite embarrassed when I went to the library and did not know how the call number system worked. It is crazy to think that a majority of my college research has been from online sources and very few paper books or journals. The Internet has almost entirely removed tangible books from my personal research for papers and that is a huge shame. Luckily when I was looking for a book to fit my topic a friend of mine who works at the tech desk led me in the right direction.

The Bertrand Library catalog held a surprisingly large amount of material on my main paper subject of Walmart.  Many authors have gone into great detail about the monstrosity that is Walmart. Walmart in China by Anita Chan was published by the Cornell University Press and copyrighted in 2011. Chan uses interesting terminology like “Walmartization” and makes claims like, “Walmart’s colossal size enables it to affect the agenda of world production and trade.” I feel it will be of great aid to my paper on how Walmart destroys small businesses to use her research for she digs deep into the company’s growth around the world. The footnotes she uses as well have given me other sources to use since a majority of them are from useful publications like the Wall-Street Journal and the New York Times. Although the experience of searching for a useful book started off slowly, the resulting findings were well worth the trip.

We Are What We Eat


For paper 2, I plan on looking into Whole Foods and the food industry ethics. I don’t have much experience looking in the library for books, but it wasn’t too difficult for me to find one that will help me with my paper. I found the book called “Food Politics: how the food industry influences nutrition and health” by first searching the library catalog.

I think this book will help me because it talks about the food industry’s marketing methods and how they affect the way people purchase food. It also talks about the food industry’s use of political power in order to obtain the highest profits possible even if it doesn’t operate in such a way that is beneficial to consumers. Continue reading

Tobacco Companies Advertising to Children



For my paper two topic, I decided that I would focus on tobacco companies advertising to children.  Normally, I have no trouble finding a book on a certain topic in the library, but for some reason, maybe because it was Friday afternoon and my brain was shut off, I had a difficult time locating my book.

I started off, like I always do when looking for books on a certain topic, with typing key words into the library catalog. Since my topic is topic is tobacco companies advertising to children, I searched “tobacco advertising children” into the catalog. This produced few results, so I broadened my searched to just “tobacco advertising.” Luckily, this worked well and I was able to find a perfect book for my topic called Peddling Poison: The Tobacco Industry and Kids by Clete Snell. For some odd reason, I had the hardest time actually trying to find the book in the library. After a few minutes of searching, I asked a librarian for assistance. The call number for the book is HV 5745 and I was looking at the HV 57 section the whole time.

This book discusses a variety of topics relating to adolescent tobacco usage. The topics of the chapters are as follows. “Youth Tobacco Use: The Health Effects, Trends in Smoking Rates, and Reasons Why Kids Use Tobacco, Marketing Tobacco Products to Youth, The FDA Investigation and the Master Settlement, Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs, Youth Tobacco Prevention Organizations, and The Future of Tobacco Control. So while this discussed a various number of topics, I will mainly only be able to use it for the case part of my paper. I will have to find additional resources for the ethics part.

Revisiting America’s Affair with Financial Institutions

During the financial crisis of 2008, AIG was one of the most critical firms facing failure, and as the US Government stepped in to provide assistance in order to prevent the larger financial system from unraveling.  The outcome of the situation involves an overhaul of regulations a la Dodd-Frank, as well as a number of government-influenced management decisions after giving AIG a multi-billion dollar bailout.  My focus for paper 2 is to analyze the precedent AIG set for establishing a business of such magnitude on practices that could tear down the financial sector of the United States in a matter of weeks, and threaten the greater economy as a whole. 

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Sustainable Businesses ($)

I plan on writing my second paper about Telsa’s (short-term) success as a sustainable business. So I started my search for a book by going to the library and searching, “sustainable business practices.” I figured that as an extremely new company, finding a book that tied my paper topic directly to Tesla would be very difficult. After reading a handful of abstracts, there was one book that jumped out to me as one that would be very beneficial for my paper, “The New Pioneers; Sustainable business success through social innovation and social entrepreneurship.” I then wrote down the number for the book and asked a librarian how to find my book based off of the code given to me from the catalog.Image

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For paper 2 I have chosen to discuss the ethics behind shopping at Walmart.  Walmart has been faced with many class action law suits due to the way they treat their employees.   As this has been in the news a lot recently, I want to attack the question of whether or not shopping at Wal-Mart in turn becomes unethical as you are ‘feeding’ their behaviors. Continue reading

Made in India


In figuring out what type of book I wanted to use for my second paper, I decided I needed a bit more background on my major focus: child labor. I plan to write about Gap, Inc and their extensive program against child labor. This idea is interesting to me considering children as young as four were discovered in their India factories. It seems to me that child labor then must be hard to detect and monitor, but I wanted to find out more. So I used our library catalogue to find a book about child labor, particularly in India. I also made sure the book was relatively recent, as I assume and hope that regulation has changed significantly in recent years.  Continue reading

The State of US Energy Policy

Although I had originally not intended about writing my paper on BP, my class presentation this past week has made me very interested in learning more about the energy industry. In particular, I wish to change the topic of my paper to one that focuses more on a larger policy question about whether we should continue to participate/ encourage risky and environmentally dangerous activities such as deep water drilling. In writing on this topic, I will aim to answer the following questions:

  • Do the benefits of offshore drilling outweigh the costs?
  • Does the United States properly oversee the oil industry? What changes need to be made?

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Fair Cup Of Joe

cartoon-1For my paper two, I decided it would be a good to look into Starbucks and the Fair Trade Coffee industry. I was fortunate enough to find multiple books in the library’s stacks that could help me with research for my paper. I used the library’s catalog search and browsed several titles on fair trade and coffee. I found several books with information on particular fair trade countries. However, it thought these books would not carry enough information on the research I was trying to conduct. I decided to go with the book “Fair Trade Coffee: The Prospects and Pitfalls of Market-Driven Social Justice” by Gavin Fridell. Having had to search for books within the library, it didn’t take me long to find out the book was on lower level 2.

The book’s author Gavin Fridell is an International Development Studies professor at St.Mary’s University in

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Looking into America’s Obesity Crisis with “Food Fight”

261850For Paper 2, I plan to use the Whole Foods Harvard Business Case and explore the role of ethics in the food industry.  In order to find a book I could potentially use for Paper 2, I initially tried to find “Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the heroic spirit of business,” a book written by John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods. Since the library didn’t have it and I would like to use it as a source for me paper, I requested an interlibrary loan. I then used Google Scholar to search for Mackey’s novel and attempted to find books that cited his book. Unfortunately I only found online articles. Continue reading

Monsanto & Business Ethics

My paper two focuses on Monsanto. To begin my research I went to Bucknell’s library website and then the Worldcat Library website. I searched “Monsanto ethics.” Many sources came up and I choose to locate the book titled Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases. I wrote down the call number and retrieved the book.


After reading the online description and contents of the book, I decided this would be a perfect book since it discussed business ethics and had a case devoted to Monsanto as well! Continue reading

Book Week

The book.  Greatest invention ever?  The original “information super highway?”

A Gutenberg Bible, first books printed on presses.

While there are many useful ways to get information with the onset of the digital revolution, the long-form book is still vital for in-depth information, for deep analysis, for sustained argument, for complex ideas, and so on.

This week, the blog council (Andrew, Anton, Jordi) invite you to visit our beloved Bertrand library and find a book that can be useful for your paper 2 or white paper.

Some ideas you can include to tell us the story of you and your book. Continue reading