Blog Council Feedback – Music Week

In keeping with the theme of this week’s blog, the blog council decided it be suitable to model our report in Grammy style. Though very difficult to decide who deserved recognition, the BGS selection committee has decided to present the following awards: Continue reading


Blog Council 6 (Parks and Recreation)

In the spirit of Nick Offerman performing this weekend, this week’s blog council decided to make connections between different characters from the show Parks and Recreation and this week’s posts. Some of the connections are a little “loose,” but bear with us.


Leslie Knope- Chris M. Continue reading

Blog Police

Welcome to the second blog council review, WOOOH! After meeting with Jordi and Frank we have some nice feedback for you all. Also, we decided to theme this blog review, so think back to your high school days and get ready for some superlatives later in the post. We could tell everyone took the time to watch the play carefully but there were a few points that could use a bit of work…

  • A lot of people’s usernames make it difficult to know who actually wrote the post. Be proud of your posts and change your user name to something more obvious
  • You’re all beautiful people; get a picture so we can look at those hot mugs as we read your thoughts.
  • Ratings! Those stars are there for a reason, use them! It will be really helpful to your classmates to rate the blogs on quality. Don’t be afraid to say something isn’t very good!
  • Page title — we decided it would be fun and interesting if each new blog council picks a new page title that has something to do with the topic.
  • Try to use some media. Some funny photos or serious graphs will add a lot of value to your posts Continue reading

Blog 2 Council Feedback

Hey Everyone! Welcome to our class’s first blog counsel feedback! We put a lot of time and thought into this with going through each classmates blog, and discussing them with Jordi.  We enjoyed everyone’s ideas and thank you all! We hope this helps you with writing your next blog!

Everyone shared his or her interesting ideas and opinions on blog 2. We were impressed since it was one of the first blogs we have had. However we have a few suggestions for the future.

•            The majority of the titles were “Mr. Daisey and Apple.” Next time try to be more creative with

creating your title to catch the audience’s attention.

•            Try to use media and or images within your post to support your ideas.

•            When commenting, don’t be afraid to use some back and forth commentary to create a

discussion and better understand each other’s ideas.

•            Utilize the “like” button on comments.

•            Add a gravatar to your profile (a picture of yourself!)

While reading through everyone’s post we noticed some common themes and reactions that were mentioned a few times.

•            Feeling a sense of guilt since we purchase and use Apple electronics.

•            Feeling far removed as a consumer and ignoring what happens on the production line.

•            Feeling hopeless and powerless to make a significant change.

•            A continued desire to buy these Apple products.

•            Blaming the culture for these common factory conditions.

•            Surprised the electronics are made by people’s hands, rather than machines.

•            Feelings disconnected from China. We try to avoid the truth of what happens in these factories.

•            Concerns about the high suicide rates, hours, working conditions and worker’s injuries.

•            We felt the podcast was sickening, disgusting, unfathomable, horrifying, graphic and disturbing.

We were shocked and saddened.

While reviewing everyone’s blogs, we also paid attention to commentary.  As stated above, we want the use of commentary to go a little more in depth and begin to stray from the basic, “yes I agree”, “well said” type of comments. A good example is the commentary on John Miller’s blog.

  • Back and forth discussion
  • Challenge the writer, bring up counter facts
  • Ask questions
  • Refine their thinking
  • Rate blogs
  • Thumbs up, or down comments
  • Feel free to add your own thoughts to a classmates comment

Title Winners! We realize this is the first blog, but we went to emphasize creativity on titles.  After reading everyone’s blogs it can become hard to remember who wrote which when they all have the same, or similar titles.  Titles that stood out are:

  • Bridget Wilcoxà The Great Wall of Secrets
  • Kelly Pontecorvoà Conflicting Cultures

Overall winners! These blogs were filled with interesting points of views, eye-catching quotes

  • The first we would like to acknowledge to is Tom Romanowski’sblog. We, blog counsel, really enjoyed the connection made between 1984, a horror film, and Daisey’s monologue.  It was a unique way to looking at the information we were given, and caught our eyes.
  • Next we would like to give a shout out to Chelsea Lodato’s opening paragraph.  We all agreed that it expressed great imagery. She compared the nets at the factories to the nets for acrobats at a circus.
  • We appreciated the question Matt Haller raised since it was thought provoking. “Does our social responsibility stretch to other nations — or have we only developed this care for our own people and land?”
  • Haley’s blog did a great job questioning what our generation has been taught about business. She states “ students, as people who may one day be practitioners in the world of business, should work on defining the purpose of business for ourselves”
  • Chris McCree had some interesting points, one of them being “the aura of Apple makes us believe everything about the company must be great”.