Sustainability, A Pitcher At A Time



 As many of us recover from the activities of this “Non HPW”, I wonder how many opportunities were lost to enact some sustainable practices this weekend. Its hard to imagine how many  cans of  Natty or bottles of the  Andre´ were tossed in the trash or tucked  away in the bushes. It’s not just a question I raise just because this weekend past, but every weekend we seek a release from the stresses of being a student. Every register there is alcohol served and because kegs are not allowed on campus, the hosts are then required to buy around 450 cans each party. Because the cans are not redeemable, they are often tossed on the trash.  My question is, is there a way to make incorporate being sustainable  in the party activities on campus? Is there a way to create some incentive that encourages students to think about recycling more at parties and events? 


2 comments on “Sustainability, A Pitcher At A Time

  1. I was actually thinking about this myself yesterday when I walked downtown and saw the remains of the activities this weekend. I think there is definitely opportunity to institute some regulations or expectations from the fraternities (and everyone else) about recycling and getting everything cleaned up.
    I think that students might be able to create a “clean-up crew” and do something about all those cups that end up in the streets downtown. I would assume that you might run into some trouble when it comes to cleaning up private property, but I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want you to clean up their backyard for them. Also, it’s really not that hard to throw all the cans in the recycling vs. the trash because all the physical cans stay behind the bar anyway.
    I think that it all comes down to creating a successful system so that it’s easy for students to do something about the mess that they create. If we are able to create a channel by which students are able to keep the streets clean and recycle the plastic and glass that’s leftover, then I think it wouldn’t be that hard to have everyone abide by it.

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