The Big Bad US Farm Bill & The Global Food Crisis

As humans the way we eat and think about food is something that makes us different from the rest of the animal kingdom. For people food is about so much more than carbs and fats and the energy needed to complete tasks throughout the day and survive. Food is a social connector that not only brings groups of people together but can also divide individuals (Lind et al, 2004).


“We eat for reasons other than taste. Meat and potatoes, apple pie, turkey, grits, tacos, beans and rice, low fat yogurt, veggie-burgers, a Big Mac and fries to go; these foods all carry a symbolic load far heavier than simple nutrition or taste preference can capture. Foods have meanings for us. They signify lifestyle, celebration, and ritual, nutritional concerns, and personal, ethnic, regional and national identities” (Lind et al, 2004: 46).

In 2007 and 2008 this divine right to food, that is so instrumental to the survival of humans both biologically and socially, was stripped away from millions of people around the world as The Global Food crisis began to rip through our international society.


2 comments on “The Big Bad US Farm Bill & The Global Food Crisis

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