Home Grown, On Your Own

I believe that with hunger affecting such a significant portion of the global population, individual gardens and agriculture on a personal scale can help relieve food supply problems around the world.  On any scale, reducing the consumption of mass produced food products will allow for resources to be more freely available to those in need, however I feel that even as a country, a national effort in the United States could provide global impact.

With a garden growing a few plants in almost every home alongside dedicated efforts for community gardens and co-ops where it may not be possible for everyone to have a space for agriculture, the need for food products would decrease sizably.  While sales for grocery store and restaurant businesses may suffer initially, they would be able adapt to a new demand in the long run.  Food waste through these systems would be similarly affected, as well as the detrimental impacts the production processes have.  On a larger scale, if mass agricultural production remained the same, with less demand for consumption, the food supply may become large enough to allow for exports or relief packages, alleviating the need for food supply globally.

While there are a number of factors involved, mass agriculture is a resource intensive practice that utilizes a small amount of labor content for a lot of food.  By utilizing an agricultural system where we all chip in, the amount of labor content rises, while decreasing resource costs. Less intensive use of agricultural land with a diminished demand will be needed, along with a wildly different industrial system.  A government program to facilitate widespread growing would carry a hefty initial cost, but would also provide long-term benefits, as food programs would decline, as homegrown vegetables provide a sustainable form of sustenance.

While I didn’t address the plethora of issues surrounding this idea, I think that reducing the demand for agricultural products on a large-scale would do a tremendous amount of good for society and planet as a whole


5 comments on “Home Grown, On Your Own

    • I have seen a lot of pictures of these proposed green buildings in cities. What a great idea. It is such a productive use and space and it truly would redefine city living!

  1. I think of this as one part of our culture moving back to human’s hunter and gathering ways (which had a much smaller impact on the planet earth). While it is obvious why most societies and cultures are not based off of hunting and gathering, when human populations did use this system we were usually treated the earth much better.

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