Blog Council on Nerd Alert

This week we enjoyed reading everyone’s posts about how changes in technology have affected us, particularly social media and the invention of the smartphone.  It is clear that advances in technology have made the world more interconnected and we are increasingly more dependent on it. It was shocking to see that we are all aware of our overuse of technology and dependence on it…will we ever cut the cord? It’s like we are on a merry go round and the momentum is too strong for us to stop it.

The Reddit Neighborhood Watch Nerd Award – Anton’s How Far is Too Far?”  Steve Huffman & Alexis Ohanian, Founders of Reddit


We really appreciated Anton’s ability to evaluate the use of from different perspectives. Although online collaboration on sped up the search process, and allowed citizens an immediate avenue to publicize something they’ve seen. But, also, a group of this size an act like a mob, and be too eager to point fingers, like the victimization of Sunil Tripathi. Yet, a real time online neighborhood watch brings many safety benefits.

Vlad Putin International Nerd Award – Kelly’s , “TechnOlympicsVladimir Putin President of Russia (2014 Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia)


Kelly brought to light the amazing advancements in sports facilities and event planning. But, in the spirit of Mother Russia, we want to give you the Vlad Putin International Nerd Award! But, although the high tech stadiums and transit systems impress us, “Putin’s Olympics” are very costly to a willowing nation. Billions of dollars are moving between Putin and his Oligarch buddies to prepare the proper facilities before the world focuses its’ eyes on Sochi. Although the facilities are fascinatingly high tech and innovative, it will only act as a shield to cover from the true struggle that Russia finds itself in now.

General Larry Page Nerd Award – Haley’s Google Maps War Larry Page – Founder of Google


Haley, you have been given the General Larry Page Nerd Award! We were appalled that a country would justify a military move based on Google Maps. We thought that generals smoked cigars and stood around a map the size of a dining room table before making a move, but now they are all gathered around the computer.

Mark Zuckerberg Friendless Nerd Award – Jason’s The Facebook Friend Paradox Mark Zuckerberg – Founder of Facebook

Mark Zuckerburg

In the spirit of Facebook, we award you, Jason, the Mark Zuckerberg Friendless Nerd Award! We enjoyed your use of Dunbar’s number, because how is it that someone can genuinely keep up with thousands of “friends”.

Paula Deen Just Add Butter Nerd Award – Chelsea Lodato’s NOMS no more?”  Paula Deen, chef and cooking show host


Chelsea’s blog post was delectably tasty. In line with the “NOMs” theme, we want to give you the Paula Deen Food Nerd Award! Paula Deen has been studying the culinary arts all here life, and through much research has obtained the key to great tasting food: just add more butter.


Shoutout to Andrew for bringing up an interesting topic, “I remember when my parents would get furious when people would call the home phone during dinner time. Now when it happens, they don’t even care.”

OK, g2g, ttyl!

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