The Use of Technology in Social Situations


In today’s world, especially in the United States, everyone relies so heavily on technology. The question “How difficult would it be, if at all, to give up the following things in your life? Your television, Your cell phone, The Internet” really threw me off a bit. The options “very hard”, “somewhat hard”, “not too hard”, “not at all hard” are almost comical. The only option I could think of was ‘impossible.”  It would be impossible for me to live my life without these things. I think this would be true for pretty much everyone else in America.

With the increase of technology within the even the past 10 years, there have been numerous social changes. Ten years ago, there were no iPhones or iPads. Technology wasn’t constantly surrounding us. Today, I see little children playing with their iPad while in a stroller. One of the social changes that has resulted from this increase in technology is the acceptance of the use of it in social situations. People in today’s world, need to have constant technological stimulation. It is socially acceptable now to take your phone out while eating dinner with people or taking your phone out in the middle of a conversation. Something like this would never happen ten years ago. I remember when my parents would get furious when people would call the home phone during dinner time. Now when it happens, they don’t even care.  I suppose the reason for this is because technology is just completely surrounding us.

It will be interesting to see where this leads us to. Will it get to a point where humans are constantly connected to technology?


4 comments on “The Use of Technology in Social Situations

  1. You raise an interesting point here at the end. I really think that we have already gotten to the point in which we are constantly connected to technology. I cannot remember the last time that I had a family meal where someone’s phone did not ring or beep from a text message. Even for the older generations, email has become a central part of their lives. Even for my mom who is not tech savvy at all, she cannot go a day without checking her email. The real question is how far it will go?

  2. Technology really has taken over almost all aspects of young people’s lives. I know that without my phone I feel as if I am isolated from the world missing out on all that’s happening. However, my father always reminds me that back before cell phones people got along just fine and there was never that nagging call that you wanted to ignore, for the only phone one had was at their home.

  3. There is also the expectation that you will be connected to technology all the time. Many employers, for example, expect that their employees will check their email regularly through their smart phones. Employers can contact their employees at any time during off-hours and assign a project. There is no longer the excuse of “I wasn’t home” when you don’t want to be contacted.

  4. In general, yes, the technologies intrude, or appear, where they did not before. It seems there is some pushback, but it does not seem to change the trend.

    Is it all negative? Maybe. I just like to point out that if once claims it is anti-social, people are using these devices primarily to communicate. So it maybe differently-social. But it is not ANTI-social.

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