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ImageFor my post I decided to focus on how advertising has changed thanks to the advances in technology. Businesses are spending less time utilizing old methods of advertising such as t.v spot and billboards and moving to the internet to market themselves and their products.

Over the last six moths, I have been able to experience first hand how important social media and online service have become as and advertising platform for business. I have been working an internship for a one for one t-shirt company called Royal Dynamite. The company is an online sales company and depends heavily from social media posts to advertise it products. Through medias such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, the company has been able to reach customers not only in their local LA community, but as far as Sierre Leone. This type of reach would have been far to expensive for a small start up company like this but thanks to the access of social media, they are able to sell their products worldwide to their followers.

Technological advances in social media has allowed companies to advertise directly to consumers. Its also acts as a source in which businesses can interact with consumers and receive greater feedback about products or ideas. It is also less costly than traditional advertising avenues that companies used. Companies are taking the news of thing such as the future launch of products or services to social sites and in turn help to stir the hype about their products.

As a technology collaborator, one of the best ways of interacting with others is through social media. Even in our class, we have been able to share our ideas and views to each other through the aid of this blogging platform. Social media has allowed us to also offer our thoughts to the global community.


4 comments on “Social Media

  1. Social media allows organizations to reach potential customers with ease. But sometimes, I feel like social media loses its effectiveness as an advertising outlet because there are so many organizations fighting to get attention. And its also creepy when Facebook ads pop up, displaying products I’ve recently searched for… I feel like I’m being monitored!

    • Yeah I agree that some facets of it are both annoying and fairly creepy. It begins to beg the question of what level of privacy we have on our social media spaces. Facebook I believe is one of the worst at abusing one’s privacy.

  2. The older broadcast models for advertising do seem to be radically altering. I mean radio and TV especially, were based on a kind of odd triad. TV produces content that can match an advertiser to a consumer. For me now, if I want to watch good entertainment, I would rather just pay for it. Like, can you imagine a book that has an ad every five pages, but is “free.”

    Of course it is not free in an absolute sense. It means someone else is subsidizing the cost. Put another way, “if it is free, then YOU are the product.”

    The rise of internet, digital, networked media have created new communication spaces to use. Is it more effective? Maybe. But it is certainly a reality that firms, consumers, users, and so on will deal with, adapt to, modify and so on.

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