NOMS no more?

It was a somber, rainy day and I was in no mood to do anything but lounge around and stare at the ceiling. After a few hours of pure enjoyment and noticing some spots that could really use a touch up coat of paint I picked up my phone and started looking through old photos, reliving old memories. As I flipped through all my photos, on my phone and subsequently on my computer I started to get very hungry. This hunger was not the result of a lack of food, as I had been munching on snacks all day as I laid around. No, this hunger was the result of an alarming number of photos of delicious food I kept running into in my massive catalogue of photos. Not only did this make me hungry, it really made me question how much time I spend eating and buying food.

Technology has changed the way in which many Americans and individuals around the world eat food, with a camera in hand. asdyuioWith the growth of the foodie nation and some very loyal subjects there have been more and more photos of food popping up on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. There are even whole accounts that post photos of orgasmic food like these: 1)best food instgarms of the week ; 2) food porn , 3) more food porn

While this may all seem fine and dandy… I mean really who doesn’t want to look at a delicious ice cream cone, all melted and perfect and mouthwatering and dripping with glorious caramel and fudge wrapped inside a warm, crunch waffle cone… Oh sorry, but yea there has been some backlash. Being the Digital Collaborator that I am I really enjoy taking out my handy dandy iPhone and imposing high quality filters to my food photos and posting them for all my friends to see. However, not everyone has pledged allegiance to the foodie nation and many would not agree with me. Some restaurants have pushed back against customers taking out their phones and snapping photos of their food. No shoes, no shirt, no Phones seems to be the new trend of some restaurants. Not only have restaurants been pushing back but there have been actual scientific studies to look into the affects of photographing your food! Here you can see an interview with Dr. Valerie Taylor, a Canadian mental health expert, that claims taking lots of pictures of food can indicate health or mental illness. Yea, I’m also wondering if I’m crazy for having so many food pictures… Taylor says, “We take pictures of things that are important to us, and for some people, the food itself becomes central and the rest -– the venue, the company, et cetera — is background.”

juguyfClick here to see people taking pictures of food! OR try this one

BUT my foodie friends there is another side to this story! Check out food writer Josh Ozersky defends food photography in his column on Eat Like A Man. Here Ozersky says he thinks being a photo taking foodie is really a sign of strength, not weakness! “Anybody that has any objection to the use of smartphones and their cameras, for any reason, needs to pipe down right now. If anything, shooting food pictures is an act of impulse control, delayed gratification, and long-term planning. It would be a lot easier to just gobble that food up.”

It would seem that the verdict on foodies and their obsessive picture taking is still up for debate. In my opinion this new trend is something fun and harmless. I love food and sometimes I want to remember and share what my awesome peanut butter cup cupcake  looks like. This helps to create memories and share those moments with friends and the rest of the World Wide Web. To all those cynical, angry, anti-foodies out there #sorrynotsorry


12 comments on “NOMS no more?

  1. I love this! You really sucked me in the way you wrote it.
    I am definitely one of those anti-foodies. I laugh at people taking photos of their food, but i completely agree with you about how it has changed the “culture” of food. It seems sometimes that food has become more about looks than taste. How can a picture of food make people feel, not how taste does.

    • I agree with you that food is sometimes more about looks than taste. Personally, I think this is ridiculous. For me, taste is much more important and I don’t really care how it looks.

  2. It has almost become another trend and honestly an abuse of technology. I understand it in some sense say a work of food art but there is no need to share your photo of 6 wings and 22 soggy fries with everyone. Our generation has sadly become amused with the need to share every interaction and activity we are involved in.

  3. I love your post and can totally relate to you as a foodie friend! My dad always makes fun of me and asks why I take pictures of food. I like to document food that looks good, especially when I am the one who cooks or bakes it! I do follow befitfoods and dreamcuisine on instagram.

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