Social Media, You, and Business-Society

For this week’s blog post, we will be looking into technology and its impact on society.  You have three options for your prompt.

First, we suggest you take this short quiz to see what kind of technology user you are.

The first is to discuss the effect that social media has on organizations.  Talk about both positives and negatives and try to give examples of organizations that have been successful or unsuccessful in utilizing social media.

Your second option is to choose one aspect of technology and determine social changes that have occurred as a result of that technology.  For example, you could discuss how having a camera in every phone has impacted police brutality in certain neighborhoods.  The idea here is to look at a trend.

Your third option is to analyze one particular type of event from the context of technological advances.  One example of this is how technology has played a role in presidential elections.  The Nixon-Kennedy debate was influenced by television, while the Romney-Obama campaign was greatly influenced by social media advertising.  Or, you could look at how advertising is changing as TV changes, or how want ads have changed as newspapers die off and Craig’s list emerges.

PLEASE finish by Monday at midnight with posts and comments.


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