Blog Council Feedback – Music Week

In keeping with the theme of this week’s blog, the blog council decided it be suitable to model our report in Grammy style. Though very difficult to decide who deserved recognition, the BGS selection committee has decided to present the following awards:

BC new artist

Best New Artist –Sophia G.

Sophia chose to write her blog on Macklemore’s song ‘Same Love’ which has recently become quite popular in the music world. We liked how Sophia focused on a societal issue that is very relevant at the moment and supported her argument by focusing on the conflicting views of gay marriage in the United States.

BC katy

Best Female Artist- Chelsea A.

We chose Chelsea as our best female artist for the week because she took a song, ‘Roar’, which many perceive as merely a mainstream pop song and highlighted its deeper message about bullying. We really liked how Chelsea added extra youtube adaptations of the song to show how influential the song has become in mainstream American culture.


Best Male Artist – Hayley

We gave Hayley this award for her choice of Tupac’s ‘Keep Ya Head Up. ’ We thought Hayley did a great job highlighting the gender implications of the song and liked how she analyzed chucks of the song individually rather than the whole thing at once. We also thought it would be a little comical to give the ‘Best Male Artist’ award to a women & gender studies major.


Best Rap Song – Chelsea L.

This one goes to Chelsea for her choice of Childish Gambino’s ‘Hold You Down’.  Chelsea does a great job pulling out the main themes of the song…mainly the critique of race in American Culture. Overall we thought that this song was full of great lyrics that are worth taking a look at.

BC country

Best Country Song- Tom R.

This one goes out to the only person who picked a country song this week, Tom. We thought Tom did a good job highlighting the hidden story behind the song and then going a step beyond and bringing it back into the context of this course. Tom brings up an interesting point about America’s appreciation for those we send abroad.

BC one

One Hit Wonder Award – Andrew

This award goes out to Andrew who we felt had the best single point of the week. He raised an interesting question about whether the American notion of Manifest Destiny can still be seen today in our use of factories in developing countries such as China.


Song of the Year – Kamal

Kamal was chosen to receive the ‘Song of the Year’ award as we felt he put together this week’s best post. We felt that Kamal not only did a great job highlighting the key message of the song, but also gave the most thorough analysis of its lyrics. Rather than just writing a short paragraph at the beginning and then posting the whole song, Kamal divided the song up into verses and talked in depth about each one. Good Job Kamal.

A couple extra notes:

  • When applicable, please embed youtube videos into your blog posts. It is quite easy. All that you have to do its go to the youtube page, click on ‘share’, and a youtube link will show up. Copy and paste this link directly into you post and it will show up.
  • A lot of people seem to have been doing the bare minimum with their posts recently. Try and take some time to think about your topic before you write it and then take a few minutes to revisit/edit it before posting. It will make the blogging experience that much better for everyone

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