Drive Your Truck

“I Drive Your Truck,” written by Lee Brice, is a critically acclaimed country song written about the sporadic emotions that happen after a person loses one close to them. The raw emotion in the song is what truly brings the listener in to fully understand the lyrics

I drive your truck
I roll every window down
And I burn up
Every back road in this town
I find a field, I tear it up
Til all the pain’s a cloud of dust
Yeah, sometimes I drive your truck

When looking deeper into the origins of the song, I found that this was not just a song about a countryman driving around to cope with the loss of a friend. It is actually a true tale of a father losing his son to fighting in Afghanistan while serving in the Army. The truck belonged to the son before he was deployed and his father still drives the truck to remember his son that was so tragically killed.

Although this is not specifically a song that entails ethics, it directly relates to modern life and practical virtue. Death is something we all have to deal with and when it comes so suddenly as can be seen in this song, it is tough to handle. The Senators and Congressmen who push so feverishly for war are the same ones sitting in their offices not putting their neck on the line in battle. These men and women that fight overseas to protect our country are true heroes to not only the family members that they leave behind, but everyone else who lives and works freely everyday in the great United States.


4 comments on “Drive Your Truck

  1. My dad passed away three years ago. I still haven’t deleted his entry in my address books. Kind of reminds me of finding 89 cents in the ashtray.

    By the way, the ,a numbers of congresspeople who are veterans is at its lowest level since WWII., The ways in which service and sacrifice have been specialized into a small part of the population is problematic. I think it makes it too easy to go to war because it is not “my children, siblings, cousins.”

    hard ot imagine the fallen son “minding’ that dad drives the truck.

  2. This emotion in this song is incredible. Every time I listen to it I get sad because I think of how hard it must be to lose a son/daughter in a war. It shows that people who are fighting in wars for our country deserve true recognition for all that they have sacrificed.

    • I agree Sophia, burying a child must be a horrific feeling for any parent. Those fighting overseas deserve our full respect because tragedy can happen at any corner.

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