TED week Blog Council Report

JORDIWelcome to the “MGMT 312 Talk” Awards!

The Blog Council loved reading your posts this week! Everyone chose fascinating topics and seemed to learn quite a bit. Thanks for sharing the knowledge you gained with the rest of us. Make sure you’re adding an analysis and your opinion in future posts. Remember to comment; we love to hear your thoughts!


(and photos of people celebrating)

celebration-copy-2OUT- THERE TOPIC: Andrew S. (Bitcoin and the Future of Currencies)

images (2)

BEST INVESTIGATOR: Chris M. (Making our World a Better Place?)


BEST TITLE (TIE): Kelly P. (MotivTED <— see what she did there?) and Chelsea L. (When Chelsea is hungry, she gets pretty pissed off…)

images (3)

MOST EYE OPENING: Anton S. (Public Sector Influence on the Private Sector- A Catalytic Relationship)


“YOUR- LIBERAL- ARTS- EDUCATION- IS- PAYING- OFF” AWARD: Maureen G. (Is China the New Idol for Emerging Economies?) and Chelsea A. (Making Global Labor Fair)

images (1)

BEST TALK AWARD: Matt H. (Data, Drugs, and Duping Sick Patients)

We only have a few blogs left to write; let’s give it our all!


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