Light Bursting Through Darkness

My TED talk was given by Mohamed Ali and it involved the link between unemployment and terrorism. It really just stuck out to me while I was scrolling through videos as a very interesting assertion so I watched it to hear what he had to say. The original story he gave of the poor young man who became a car bomber was really quite shocking. With the lack of jobs or promises in communities ravaged by war and poverty, people turn towards groups that will accept them and give their lives meaning. The answer to this problem that he laid out is what really moved me.

The pushing of young people towards entrepreneurship is an interesting proposition in areas where so many business opportunities have yet to be tapped. The story of the boy from Mogadishu and his floral business really puts into perspective the lives that some of the people in these war torn countries live. Having never seen fresh flowers before is really crazy to think about since most of us can see them as soon as we walk outside on a nice spring or summer day. Starting that business not only puts him a great path moving forward, but it brings light to the people who have only seen darkness for so long. More business ventures like this one by young people in these countries can greatly speed up their social and economic movements.


2 comments on “Light Bursting Through Darkness

  1. Thinking about this in the context of Maureen’s Ted talk is interesting.. Her post was about the relationship between capitalism and political rights or democracy. Her speaker argues that developing economic prosperity is more important than political reforms. In the context of Somalia, political reform first would look something like recreating a centralized state, establishing the rule of law, creating effective and legitimate police forces (as opposed to corrupt ones that prey upon people).

    How can the florist entrepreneur create business relationships if he can’t trust people? How can he export if exporting involves red tape and bribes that price him out of the market? How can he hire people if they have to go through checkpoints to get to work everyday (checkpoints set up by warring factions)?

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