Cyclical, Renewable, Waste-Free.

I found a Ted talk that relates  closely to my paper 2 topic, Tesla and business sustainability and social consciousness. Ray Anderson starts his talk by talking about how during the first industrial revolution it was all about extraction, using raw materials from the earth. It was Linear:Take, Make, Waste. This is at 5:45 in the video. He then goes on to say how the new industrial revolution should be. “In the new industrial revolution extractive must be replaced by renewable; linear by cyclical; fossil fuel energy by renewable energy, sunlight; wasteful by waste-free and abusive by benign; and labor productivity by resource productivity.” I feel that some of the more socially conscious companies have taken steps towards this new industrial revolution already, Tesla being a prime example.

Ray Anderson’s carpet company has a goal, that they would like to meet by 2020, “mission zero.” Zero impact, Zero footprint. That is truly a sustainable and responsible mission statement.

I am a huge fan of Ted Talks, there is so much great information on them. If our generation follows some of the ideals and theories of the people who produce many of these talks, I think that our country and our world will be in a much better place.


5 comments on “Cyclical, Renewable, Waste-Free.

  1. I like this topic and the goal he presents. I took a class last semester about the carbon footprint of Americans and it was so eye opening. I think that while it is important for individuals to try their best to make a difference by forgoing wasteful practices, the impact will not be substantial enough unless governments and corporations make the efforts. So, it is good hear that the right people are thinking this way.

  2. I agree that the TED talks are awesome! They cover many interesting topics and go into details that not many people cover. The talk that I listened to about entrepreneurship in poverty ridden areas was fascinating.

  3. I agree that renewable energy could be the next industrial revolution, but it won’t happen for a while because it isn’t economical yet. Until corporations or governments can find a way to make renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels on a per unit basis or all of the resources are used up, we will continue to live off of fossil fuels.

  4. I like his accent. His company, Interface, I have been following for more than ten years. Is anyone surprised by how “old” his shift to more sustainable practices are? And thinking of Haley’s Talk, it took him 12 years to have some big gains. Imagine if he was a non-profit that had to show results in 6 months are less.

  5. I think its a great goal for this company to have “zero impact” by 2020 and I hope he can do it, but I’m not sure how realistic that is to do in just over 6 years.

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