Crash of the Titans

I will be writing my paper 2 on the acquisition of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America during the financial crisis, analyzing the ethics behind the negotiation between Ken Lewis (CEO of Bank of America) and John Thain (CEO of Merrill Lynch).  This topic was particularly interesting to me because I worked at Merrill Lynch (and, by association, Bank of America) two years ago and had been exposed to the aftermath of the deal.

I found a book by Greg Farrell titled Crash of the Titans: Greed, Hubris, the Fall of Merrill Lynch, and the Near-Collapse of Bank of America.  This is particularly useful for my paper because it details the reasoning behind the high premium that Bank of America paid for Merrill Lynch despite its near-bankruptcy, in addition to the “Shakespearean saga of three flawed masters.”  The book will offer an in-depth perspective into the greed of the parties involved in the deal in addition to the ignorance (or blindness) of those associated with it.

The search for this book was not difficult, as I used the link in the blog to search books that contained “Bank of America Merrill Lynch” in Bertrand Library and, even though it was the first book listed, it fit the topic of my essay very well.  I then used the call number listed to find the physical copy of the book, which was listed as available.  I feel that this book will be very helpful in providing a source of ethics in the case of the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch deal.


2 comments on “Crash of the Titans

  1. This here is a monumental deal during our generation. It interests me to how much research has been done and put in book form on the workings of the deal since it is so recent.

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