A Trip to Bertrand


I was quite embarrassed when I went to the library and did not know how the call number system worked. It is crazy to think that a majority of my college research has been from online sources and very few paper books or journals. The Internet has almost entirely removed tangible books from my personal research for papers and that is a huge shame. Luckily when I was looking for a book to fit my topic a friend of mine who works at the tech desk led me in the right direction.

The Bertrand Library catalog held a surprisingly large amount of material on my main paper subject of Walmart.  Many authors have gone into great detail about the monstrosity that is Walmart. Walmart in China by Anita Chan was published by the Cornell University Press and copyrighted in 2011. Chan uses interesting terminology like “Walmartization” and makes claims like, “Walmart’s colossal size enables it to affect the agenda of world production and trade.” I feel it will be of great aid to my paper on how Walmart destroys small businesses to use her research for she digs deep into the company’s growth around the world. The footnotes she uses as well have given me other sources to use since a majority of them are from useful publications like the Wall-Street Journal and the New York Times. Although the experience of searching for a useful book started off slowly, the resulting findings were well worth the trip.


2 comments on “A Trip to Bertrand

  1. It looks like it is edited by Chan. THat may mean that each chapter is by a separate author- what we in the biz call an anthology. You may find some chapters more useful. In addition, the authors of those chapters may be research vectors for further research.

  2. Do you think you will focus on supplier relationships in your case? Wal-mart has had some bad publicity around how much it squeezes suppliers. Also, there is its curious history of being in the 1980s a big proponent of “Buy American” campaigns before it fully embraced globalization.

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