Tobacco Companies Advertising to Children



For my paper two topic, I decided that I would focus on tobacco companies advertising to children.  Normally, I have no trouble finding a book on a certain topic in the library, but for some reason, maybe because it was Friday afternoon and my brain was shut off, I had a difficult time locating my book.

I started off, like I always do when looking for books on a certain topic, with typing key words into the library catalog. Since my topic is topic is tobacco companies advertising to children, I searched “tobacco advertising children” into the catalog. This produced few results, so I broadened my searched to just “tobacco advertising.” Luckily, this worked well and I was able to find a perfect book for my topic called Peddling Poison: The Tobacco Industry and Kids by Clete Snell. For some odd reason, I had the hardest time actually trying to find the book in the library. After a few minutes of searching, I asked a librarian for assistance. The call number for the book is HV 5745 and I was looking at the HV 57 section the whole time.

This book discusses a variety of topics relating to adolescent tobacco usage. The topics of the chapters are as follows. “Youth Tobacco Use: The Health Effects, Trends in Smoking Rates, and Reasons Why Kids Use Tobacco, Marketing Tobacco Products to Youth, The FDA Investigation and the Master Settlement, Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs, Youth Tobacco Prevention Organizations, and The Future of Tobacco Control. So while this discussed a various number of topics, I will mainly only be able to use it for the case part of my paper. I will have to find additional resources for the ethics part.


8 comments on “Tobacco Companies Advertising to Children

  1. I like your topic. I think the advertising of alcohol to teens and children is also an issue that could be compared. The biggest way I think younger people are being targeted is with flavors. Cigarettes and alcohol come in so many candy-like sweet flavors that seem mostly attractive to children and teens. The “healthier” cigarette option now, is e-cigarette, which is also coming in a bunch of sweet candy-like flavors. My roommate and I were actually discussing this exact issue because of a ban her Connecticut senator is trying to make. I put the link to an article you could possibly use below. (Sorry, I forget how to embed a link in a comment)

  2. I think your topic is really interesting. It’s crazy how even through knowing how bad cigarettes are, kids still smoke them. I guess that just shows the power of marketing.

  3. I really like to wander around in the stacks of a library. The older, the better. I am not a fan of the moving stacks in the library now. I know they needed to, but it takes away some of the mystery.

  4. How old is the book? I am fine with you doing a more historical case. I do not know what current state of regulation is. Is this as much of a problem as it was in the 1980s and 1990s?

    Also, can you focus on one company? A whole industry is too broad, in part because it is trickier to apply the ethical part.

  5. Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco continue to be a major problem in society regardless of the cut back on advertisements and the upping of prices. If I am not mistaken I believe one of Mayor Bloomberg’s last actions before losing his recent election was trying to raise the minimum age on cigarette purchases to 21. That is a very interesting proposition for the country’s biggest city.

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