We Are What We Eat


For paper 2, I plan on looking into Whole Foods and the food industry ethics. I don’t have much experience looking in the library for books, but it wasn’t too difficult for me to find one that will help me with my paper. I found the book called “Food Politics: how the food industry influences nutrition and health” by first searching the library catalog.

I think this book will help me because it talks about the food industry’s marketing methods and how they affect the way people purchase food. It also talks about the food industry’s use of political power in order to obtain the highest profits possible even if it doesn’t operate in such a way that is beneficial to consumers. The food industry is not always keeping the safety of consumers in mind, and I think this is an interesting topic to explore, since food is something essential to all of us. I plan on using Food Politics on the ethics side of my paper because it explores the food industry’s practices as a whole. I’m sure I will also be able to tie it into Whole Foods and their specific strategies as well.


2 comments on “We Are What We Eat

  1. It may be interesting to look at how food trends have changed over time. I feel today people are much more wary of what they are eating and trying to be healthy. Organic food and produce are very popular today.

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