Sustainable Businesses ($)

I plan on writing my second paper about Telsa’s (short-term) success as a sustainable business. So I started my search for a book by going to the library and searching, “sustainable business practices.” I figured that as an extremely new company, finding a book that tied my paper topic directly to Tesla would be very difficult. After reading a handful of abstracts, there was one book that jumped out to me as one that would be very beneficial for my paper, “The New Pioneers; Sustainable business success through social innovation and social entrepreneurship.” I then wrote down the number for the book and asked a librarian how to find my book based off of the code given to me from the catalog.Image

I think this book will be helpful because of its focus on responsible business practices, and what it takes to be a conscious and sustainable corporation. This book will also be helpful for the ethical part of my paper.

The author of the book is Tania Ellis. I searched her on the internet and found that she has a website entitled; “Tania Ellis; The Social Business Company.” Their mission statement, “We are in business of creating social and economic value. For the benefit of society and the bottom line. Read more about Who we are and Why we do what we do.” Tania is a Danish-British prize-winning writer, the about section of the website describes her as someone who believes that there are no definite truths and is a big believer in the phrase “why-not?”

The attached photo shows Tania Ellis with a student, and a diagram (which is more of a piece of art) that outlines some ways to develop and build a business.


There was a quote that I liked from the introduction; “When the old answers no longer fit the new questions, significant changes happen.” I hope that the rest of the book expands on this and truly develops ideas about how businesses can model their corporations to answer and solve the difficult questions that life can throw at us.


7 comments on “Sustainable Businesses ($)

  1. I love the quote you used from the book. That is a perfect way to address any problem. Change must happen when the current answers are not sufficient. My paper topic fits this quote as well. The book I chose explains that child labor has not been eradicated because we do not fully understand the problem being addressed. Our answers clearly aren’t working so it is time for change. Again, it is a great way to express how change comes about.

  2. I like you paper topic, specifically because I spent a semester looking at Tesla. The story of Tesla is very interesting starting with its CEO Elon Musk seeking to make the first electric super car. The company prides itself on being one of the most sustainable car companies in U.S. I believe its another story of a company having success while addressing social issues.

  3. I was also thinking about writing my paper on Tesla, although I have now decided not to. I think that they are a very interesting company with a business plan that can work well, especially with a guy like Musk at the helm. When thinking about a topic for my paper, I kept coming back to the fact that they continue to receive government subsidies. For me, this raises an interesting ethical question about whether our government should be providing public funds to a private company. Specifically, how does the government decide if a company is worth supporting with taxpayer dollars?

  4. ” I then wrote down the number for the book and asked a librarian how to find my book based off of the code given to me from the catalog.”

    I am glad you did this. Am I to think you had NEVER found a book in the library before?

  5. One goal for your paper, I think, is to other mine the idea o sustainability for the ethical principle, or to find someone who draw out the link. Is sustainability its own ethical school alongside deontology etc? Or, is it basically a version of consequentialism?

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