Monsanto & Business Ethics

My paper two focuses on Monsanto. To begin my research I went to Bucknell’s library website and then the Worldcat Library website. I searched “Monsanto ethics.” Many sources came up and I choose to locate the book titled Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases. I wrote down the call number and retrieved the book.


After reading the online description and contents of the book, I decided this would be a perfect book since it discussed business ethics and had a case devoted to Monsanto as well! The Monsanto case provides me with descriptions of Monsanto’s history, genetically modified food, the environmental effects of Monsanto products, the different organizational ethical issues Monsanto faces, Monsanto’s corporate responsibility and its future. Not only does this book touch upon business ethics in general, but also the specific organizational ethical issues that Monsanto faces.

The authors of this book are O.C. Ferrell, John Fraedrich and Linda Ferrell. All three of them work at universities. O.C. and Linda Ferrell work at University of New Mexico and John Fraedrich works at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

O.C. and Linda Ferrell

O.C. and Linda Ferrell

On the Worldcat Library website I discovered a way to learn more about authors. In the details section you can click “find more information about” the author. I learned O.C. has 142 works in 407 publications, Linda has 25 works in 80 publications and John has 12 works in 42 publications. All the authors’ publications have primarily focused on business ethics. Therefore I believe these authors are highly regarded and knowledgeable in this subject area.

I found a good passage that discusses how Monsanto’s high standards have caused some ethical issues. “Organizations face significant risks from strategies and also from employees striving for high performance standards. Such pressure sometimes encourages employees to engage in illegal or unethical conduct. All firms have these concerns, and in the case of Monsanto, bribes and patents have resulted in legal, ethical, and reputational consequences” (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 308). This quote not only gives examples of Monsanto’s unethical activities, but also the causes of this conduct.


5 comments on “Monsanto & Business Ethics

  1. When was the book published? I am somewhat surprised that GMO practices does not seem to be the focus of their case (the authors). maybe it is simply the quote you picked. But it seems like it is about how they may have engaged in bribery overseas. Is their case the topic you wanted to focus on?

  2. You could also talk to Professor Chaubey about Monsanto. He has mentioned to me that he has strong feelings (mostly of hatred) towards Monsanto. Perhaps he can help you with this paper.

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