Book Week

The book.  Greatest invention ever?  The original “information super highway?”

A Gutenberg Bible, first books printed on presses.

While there are many useful ways to get information with the onset of the digital revolution, the long-form book is still vital for in-depth information, for deep analysis, for sustained argument, for complex ideas, and so on.

This week, the blog council (Andrew, Anton, Jordi) invite you to visit our beloved Bertrand library and find a book that can be useful for your paper 2 or white paper.

Some ideas you can include to tell us the story of you and your book.

How did you find your book?  Did you seek help from a librarian?

Did you learn new features of the catalog?

Did you save citations to refworks?

How do you know it might be helpful?

If our library doesn’t have a volume, did you know you can request it through ILL (interlibrary loan)?

Who is the author(s)?  What can you learn about her or him?

Is your book useful for the ethics part of your paper?  For the case?

Can you include a good passage, quote, idea, or image?  For an image, you can scan or photo something and upload it to the blog.


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