Blog Council 7 – dPPACA Unchained

Overall, this week the blogs were much better and more thorough than previous weeks. Looking at the PPACA from so many perspectives was refreshing, as the majority of the class chose different topics to look into and discuss.  As a whole the blog council would like to congratulate all members of the class for their good work. That being said, there were still a few blog posts that stood above the rest. To go along with the movie theme from last week we have given people roles in a movie based on their blog posts.


Chelsea Alpert – Leading Lady for the Best Post of the week.  This post looked into a very subjective area of a massive piece of legislation, and an aspect of the PPACA that has been trivialized and turned into a punchline by the media.  Well written, with clear opinions and a great look into the issue of ‘death panels’


Maureen Gilroy – Script Consultant for great research into the subject matter and attention to detail.  Getting into the specifics of the quantitative implications for small business and the financial options that employers will have under the PPACA made for a compelling blog post.


Justin Honigstein – Grindhouse cameo, ‘nuff said


Chelsea Lodato – Daniel Day Lewis.  The conviction in your blog was outstanding, and your argument was a well-written, with an engrossing look at your views and opinion on this issue of emergency room services.


Christopher McCree – Leading Man – As the highest rated male poster this week, we found your post to address a key issue of common knowledge about the bill and the widespread effect it would have.


Kelly Pontecorvo – Comic Relief – We thought your title was the most humorous and creative, with a perfect picture to lead into your post


Haley Thomas – Screenwriter – Due diligence and thoroughness are the foundation for a strong argument, and you did a fantastic job looking into a specific section of the act to provide as clear an explanation as possible.  Very well-written, in depth post with great analysis.


Bridget Wilcox – Featured Extra – spotlight => lots of comments and discussion!

Notes for the week:  Remember to make your main image a “featured image”!

[This is the last option on the bottom right side of the post editing screen]


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