Opportunity for all

I scored a 9 out of 10  which seems to say I know a fair amount about the act. During the hype about the act and the shutdown i took some time to read a few articles about the act and clear up some of the myths that were associated with the act. One thing I didn’t know about the bill was that small business and individuals could receive subsidies on insurance plans.

ObamaCare creates new entities in every state through which individuals buying insurance on their own must purchase their government-approved insurance. The Exchange Subsidy is influenced by a family’s income. Households with incomes below 400 percent and above 133 percent of the federal poverty line (FPL) who are enrolled in insurance plans offered through the exchanges are eligible for premium assistance financed by the federal government. ObamaCare limits the amount that such households must contribute toward their health insurance premium to 4 percent of their annual income. The program is meant to create easier access to health care.

I grew up in a country where healthcare was provided for all citizens and because of this,  think I forces my views on the act. I believe it is important for something like this to be put in place and some middle ground should be met by both parties.


4 comments on “Opportunity for all

  1. A 9/10 on the quiz is very impressive! What country did you grow up in? Was the same healthcare provided to all citizens or were there different options to choose from? I agree that it is important to offer healthcare to all citizens.

    • I grew up in Barbados and every citizen is covered by government health care. Every citizen has access to the government run hospital or polyclinics thought out the country. We have been acknowledged as having a very good health care system for a small caribbean island.

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