The Side Effects of Obamacare

How likely are these side effects?

How likely are these side effects?

Upon taking the test, I scored an unanticipated 8 out of 10….now, in no way do I think this is representative of my knowledge of this act. I found that many of the aspects of the act were new to me, and as I learned I started to materialize my own opinions. I strived to find why the biggest piece of healthcare legislation since Medicare and Medicaid in 1965.

I found this article to be very helpful in my understanding of Obamacare.

So, the bill aims to provide more health insurance to lower income citizens to provide healthcare to more Americans. But, there are considerable questions that come to mind with this goal. With an expanse of healthcare, the costs and quality of medicine are in limbo. I think that Obamacare’s effects on the value of medicine will be hard to predict, and much of its’ success rides on sound implementation.

I wanted to focus on one part of the act that I didn’t previously know: that Obamacare is a Medicaid extension that each state can decide if they want to implement. I initially thought that it was a national reform. Each state decides the guidelines and requirements for who will receive coverage. I found it interesting that the majority of states that are implementing Obamacare are only offering this extended coverage to children, pregnant women, and those with disabilities. These groups are obviously those who really need medical coverage. I originally thought that basically anyone could access this coverage, but it actually is quite restricted. Once I understood that there were very specific requirements means that only those that really need the help will get the care, which is the way it should be. This fact really changed my thinking about the effectiveness of this bill. I believe that with the right guidelines, Obamacare can bring care to those that truly need it.

So, through some research, I believe that Obamacare at least has the right goal in mind through highly regulated requirements that must be met to access this extended coverage. But, I still think that the other side is to understand how & how this will effect our healthcare system. I found that this legislation will directly impact “safety net” hospitals. Learn more about safety net hospitals here. Safety net hospitals are institutions which provide healthcare to a higher number of uninsured patients than the national average. With more insured patients out there now, these hospitals will lose their “safety net” identity and have to compete now compete with hospitals that have always taken less uninsured. What I am worried about is that these safety net hospitals won’t be able to provide the same quality and service. There needs to be a paramount importance put on the sustainability of these safety net hospitals because they are the ones who will still service low income patients. If a quality of care is lost in these institutions, the fact that a patient is insured or not is irrelevant because our quality of medicine will be declining.

In the end, I learned that I am a supporter of Obamacare as long as states can decide if they want to participate, and the correct requirements are set so that each dollar we spend on this legislation brings care to citizens who truly need it. As long as a focus is maintained on quality in low income hospitals, we can spread legal care to more sick citizens, thus preserving something that every solidified country should have: a sound healthcare system.


2 comments on “The Side Effects of Obamacare

  1. I think your concerns about safety net hospitals are great examples of the potential harm that could come as a result of the PPACA. I agree with your point about the states’ having a choice being critically important, as the overhaul may help the system as a whole, but protections for hospitals and patients who would be unable to afford high quality care under the act are necessary. Externalities in situations like this are hard to predict, and mitigating the potential affect on institutions like safety net hospitals so that they can continue providing high quality care is a significant factor. It is an interesting aspect of the bill that will surely be felt out as the PPACA is implemented, and in order to create ‘a sound healthcare system,’ it will be interesting to see if these hospitals can remain beneficial to the system as a whole and continue providing care for those dependent on such institutions.

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