Demand Surging for Health Exchange Insurance Plans

I know that the snafus in the website have dominated the  short-attention span news cycle and played perfectly into meta-narratives of “government can’t do anything right.” In fact, a private Canadian contractor, CGI, bid and won on the bulk of the project.  The US government did not solely build the software platform.  This Washington Post blog covers a lot of detail.  But the ADD media can’t be bothered to actually try to explain the real issues.

The longer-term trend that may be more important is how popular the plans are where people can sign up for them.

Today’s NY Times has an infographic showing how in many states the amount of people enrolled is more than what was projected by oct 31.  And in all, more accounts have been created.  i couldn’t say how many accounts will yield people purchasing plans or enrolling in Medicare, but if it is high, (70, 80, 90%?) then places like California will also meet targets.

Demand is high for Obamacare Exchanges...



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