Blog Post 7 (Affordable Care Act)

In March 2010, over three years ago today, Obama and his administration passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as “Obamacare.” Even the name has been a political football with Obama at first not wanting it labeled with his name as Republicans were doing,  and then embracing it.  This has been a topic that has swirled in our newsfeeds and is frequently a topic of conversation. Yet, much of the general public does not know the details or even the major facts of the act.   In fact, the Democratic party has been proposing some form of national health insurance since at least President Truman.

However, it seems the government, politicians, and the media have not done a great job explaining this law.

TAKE THIS QUIZ... post your answer below.  Th BC would be surprised in you get 2-3 right.

For this week, we invite you to learn more about the act, which, in reality, has many, many parts.   Write about one specific provision or aspect of the PPACA law.  Use  good resources about the PPACA explore one aspect of the act that you had not previously known about.  Your goal is to explain what it does in specific terms.

This post links into doing paper 2 and the final paper in terms of information literacy.  To explain your provision, you may find government sites, news coverage, research centers, or think tanks are useful.

We invite you to learn about it it “before’ you put on your own political lenses.  Does the provision or aspect you describe seem like a good idea?

After you have done so, please think back to last week and analyze the provision FROM your apparent political ideology.

PLEASE, try NOT to repeat topics!

Additionally, there are many aspects and regulations that came along with the Affordable Care Act. Out of all the aspects in the PPACA package, what do you think was the Mandingo (the one thing they really wanted to get out of it)?


We  related this to the movie Django Unchained because (those of you who have seen it may remember that) Django pretended to be interested in buying a “Mandingo,” when in reality his true intention in visiting the slave plantation was in finding his wife, Brunhilde.  It is a negotiating tactic, to make a show of what you DON’T actually want to make the price of what YOU do lower  (on a side note, one reason the film works is because by forcing Django into such a ghoulish tactic to save his wife, it underscores the barbarism of slavery).

Do you think that the PPACA has a “Mandingo” or a “Broomhilda”?

Resources (Dig around. many of these will  give you a specific part of the act.  You canthen go dig up QUALITY information about it.)

Summary of act.

American Public Health Association Summary

National Physician’s Alliance overview (they seem to like it.)

NY Times portal.  Scroll down and you will see  links to other resources, documents, and so on.  You don’t need to use the actual NY Times new.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation search results on the ACA (maybe for more detail)

The now infamous portal for the marketplaces…. may have other info as well.

Dense overview of law at US Government Department of Labor (mostly as it applies to benefits).


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