Blog Council 6 (Parks and Recreation)

In the spirit of Nick Offerman performing this weekend, this week’s blog council decided to make connections between different characters from the show Parks and Recreation and this week’s posts. Some of the connections are a little “loose,” but bear with us.


Leslie Knope- Chris M.

Chris received the Leslie Knope award not only because he was this week’s MVP post, but also because he mentioned how everyday he tries to read articles with viewpoints from opposite sides of the spectrum. Just like Leslie, Chris believes in equity and fairness.


Jerry- Jason

Jason broke down for us the reasons why both Republicans AND Democrats are to blame for the problems with our government. Jerry is an extremely moderate character who never does anything wrong, yet still everyone hates him. Although Jason mentioned that he is a conservative, his post was understanding of the entire spectrum of politics.


Ron Swanson- Matt H.

Matt’s title jumped out at us for being particularly Swanson-esque. Matt like Ron often does, called the government childish and poked fun at the government. Matt wins the Ron Swanson award for his post’s negative feelings toward the government.


April Ludgate- Andrew S.

We thought that Andrew probably had the best one-liner out of all of this week’s posts (April has some the show’s best one-liners).

“Secondly and the main reason people do not like reading opposing view points, the article makes some very good arguments against my stance.”

People often do not want to read, what they do not want to hear.


Anne Perkins- Maureen

In Parks and Recreation, Anne is the one person who does not work for Leslie and the government. She is the level headed outsider who picks certain conflicts of interest and tries to help resolve them. Maureen did a great job of questioning how the government chose what services were essential to keep running during the shutdown.


Tom Haverford (Top Commenter)- Haley

Haley was this week’s most active and substantial commenter. We especially appreciated her media attachments and links to relevant articles. This is the Tom Haverford award because Tom always some sort of hilarious comment to make.

Forgotten Blog Necessities:

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