The American Dream is Over.

blog post picTo my surprise I was labeled a “Main Street Republican” on the political test we all took. I’ve always considered myself moderate with some conservative ideologies so to be considered so far right by the test really surprised me. Upon looking deeper into the reasons I was labeled this way and reading the Neoliberalism – Why the American Dream is Losing Steam I began to see how an online exam would think I belonged with the likes of Nixon.

The author of this article went on and on about how American society is doomed to suffer and fail at the hands of neoliberalism and the ideologies that surround that. Now I must say I almost agreed with the author [really going against my supposed main street republican self there…] that neoliberalism creates a society in which greed is prevalent. But once she suggested that neoliberalism is the disease that has ended the possibility of the  American Dream I had to pump the brakes and stop myself from existing out of the page all together.

As a sociology major I’ve been in countless classes and listened to countless lectures on American society and how it got to where it is today. Within each of these lectures there is always mention of the American Dream and how it has not been realistic to believe in this for at least the last 60 years. The American Dream was marketed as a country where all your dreams would come true if you just worked hard enough, but realistically that’s one big marketing lie and to blame neoliberalism for that is just ignorant. Neoliberalism is what allowed the American Dream to start in the first place, because in the early days of immigration and living out the dream neoliberalism gave these people jobs. Obviously the economy had to level off at some point and society changed as a result.

To claim to neoliberalism is to blame for the end of the American Dream is just an easy way to blame the economy for societal changes. Society is a product of itself and ebbs and flows  as such. We as a society make our society so to blame neoliberalism is just stupid.


3 comments on “The American Dream is Over.

  1. I don’t understand your thinking at all. You seem to be saying
    1) The American Dream was oversold to Americans as there is more to success then ONLY working hard; people who work hard can still find themselves falling behind in terms of well-being.
    2) Therefore, neoliberalism by itself cannot be to blame for the decline of the average American’s well-being
    3) Because it was neoliberalism to begin with that gave people jobs.

    I’m confused.


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