Both Sides of the Story

With my parents and grandparents being staunch GOP supporters, I was pushed into a conservative mindset ever since I was a young child. The test telling me that I am a Main Street Republican comes as no surprise, for FOX News seems to perpetually be on the television sets in my home. Regardless of my predetermined feelings on issues, I do enjoy hearing the other side of the argument in order to not be ignorant of good details and valid viewpoints. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote a very nice piece on the government shutdown and the Republican faults in the issue. Although I feel at some points he is being very narrow minded, his opinions seem to have a solid backing.

As a historically Liberal writer, Krugman obviously points out many Republican stances that are causing this temporary shutdown. I do agree with him that it would be asinine for Republicans to refuse the raising of the debt ceiling because of their positioning against Obamacare. That can cripple our rebuilding economy and push us back into yet another Depression. I just wish that Krugman would address both sides of the issue a little more rather than just beating down on one party. In every disagreement there are two sides to a story and he is just giving his readers a very one-sided viewpoint. Articles like this are great to read if the person agrees with the stance and wants reassurance on their opinions, but for a person that wants factual information on both sides of the issue, it is not very helpful.


One comment on “Both Sides of the Story

  1. If his best call, as he sees it, is that Republicans are more at fault in this case, why should he try to be “even-handed?” The deification of “balance” as a virtue in journalism or in political discourse drives me nuts sometimes.

    He is an opinion columnist. He is not there to provide “both sides.”

    Besides, I can tell you from reading him a lot, when he sees merit in something from Republican politicians or economists with more right-wing views, he will address them directly.

    He suffers no fools, especially those who get basic facts wrong.

    I recall in the 1990s when he did work showing how international trade could be beneficial. Unions and other traditional left-leaning groups HATED him then. He only became “liberal” when he questioned many of Bush II’s policies.

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