The Disaster of the Government Shutdown?

22-930x350_000008I enjoyed taking that quiz to “decipher” my political standing. But, when taking the quiz I did find that some of questions were worded with bias (they were worded in such a way that it was much easier to choose one answer over the other). For example, statement 6:

Government is almost always wasteful and inefficient Government often does a better job than people give it credit for

The first option is way more radical of a response, where as the second option simply says that people do not give the government enough credit. I think that this question made it way too easy to be in support of the government. Yet, I did choose the response that the government is inefficient.

As a registered Republican I was surprised at how moderate my responses were. I think this is because of my believe in protecting the environment, and allowing for same sex marriage.

I found article from the Boston Globe, in the opinion section entitled ; “Government Shutdown Diminishes US as a Global Power.” From this article I gathered that Nicholas Burns, the author, believes the shutdown to be detrimental to the USA as a country. He mentions that it is as important for us to be respected globally as it is for us to be liked. His opinion is that global leaders are now worried about the United States. This is so interesting for me because there was literally not a single noticeable difference in my day to day life. In another article I read that perhaps the vegetables I ate this past week did not go through the same inspections that they would have normally, but this is not something that I will notice or even matters to me. It is very odd that I, as a decently informed and well-educated citizen of the country that supposedly had a shutdown which carried with it deleterious effects on our society and our global standing, have felt no repercussions from it.


6 comments on “The Disaster of the Government Shutdown?

  1. I have not experienced any significant effects from the government shut down either. I believe like the 16 day shutdown was very irresponsible and rash, however it did not impact my day to day activities. I do not know if this has to do with the fact that we live in a “Bucknell Bubble.” After reading some articles it seems the people that were most affected by the shutdown were government workers and their families, and people who relied on federal funds for food, domestic violence security, education and health services. The government shut down has been a nuisance and has had a significant impact on many people’s daily lives.

  2. Is the obsession with remaining a the global leader misplaced? There is a great deal of rhetoric around retaining the position we have (and the power we exert over others). Why do you think that this is a priority?

    Another note: Some living in the Bucknell bubble were effected… There are many working on applications to work for government agencies (I’ve got mine for the peace corps). This process has been disrupted; most recruiting staff is not working. I have a friend who was sent to the Gambia for the Peace Corps this week; she was not affected, but the organization did warn that those scheduled to leave two weeks later may be suspended.
    More information:

    Also, was ROTC affected? What about universities such as Navy and Army?

  3. Standard and Poor’s estimated $24 billion in lost revenue to the US economy due to gdp contraction. For the shutdown.

    Still, Bucknell is a private institution, and you are not using services right now that were furloughed or cut off.

  4. I liked what you pointed out about the survey. It was strangely worded at times. I think the issues a lot of young republicans are having are social. Like you mentioned about the same sex marriage and the environment, both are social issues that younger people are very accepting of as compared to the generation before us. The social aspect of the republican party hopefully will begin to change to accommodate the same basic principles with more updated social ideas.

    I also felt no change with the shut down but I know that the working poor we have talked so much about were definitely effected by the loss in revenue and altering of government programs.

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