A Ploy or Politics ?

I always knew I leaned to the right but being labeled a “Main Street Republican” seemed a bit far to me. But after reading an article from The Nation, it was easy to side with the Republicans. Being from New Jersey, I was drawn to the article about Chris Christie. It was written about the special senator election after the passing of the former NJ senator, Frank Lautenrberg. Cory Booker was, a Democrat was elected. John Nichols writes that Christie planned this special election in an attempt to curb the gubernatorial election at the beginning of next month. It apparently was a ploy to keep voters from going to the polls by confusing them with a date change. Changing the voting date from a Tuesday to a Wednesday is what ruined the election – except it didn’t. The Democrat won. Even though Christie rigged the election by confusing voters, the opposite party won the election, sending another Democrat to DC. Yes the turn out was low and the Democratic candidate would have safely won the election, but the article suggests that this is not a positive for the Democratic Party. It is instead an “atrocious abuse of political process,” simply because Christie changed the Election Day.

The way Christie set up the election day is was smart way to win an election. Being a Republican in a primarily Democratic state, Christie used the means he had available to help him in the up coming election for governor. It was a strategy, not a ploy. Any politician makes things work in their favor. In doing this, he still helped the democrats too. A Democratic senator was still elected. There is no need to blame him for abusing power or using manipulation when all he did was try to help himself in his upcoming election. This article was “atrociously” exaggerated and based on assumption.


4 comments on “A Ploy or Politics ?

  1. What, then, is “out of bounds” for parties to do when they control the processof elections?

    Should, in general, all politicians support laws, rules, mechanisms, or systems that maximize voter turn-out? Because, personally, such a stance would seem to do the most to encourage participation.

    For example, I dislike how PA has closed primaries. The most crucial choices are often in primaries, and the parties close independent or thisd party voters out of that process. So, for example, in the epic ’08 Clinton vs Obama primary, I would argue a very undemocratic closed primary locked independents out of that vote.

    • I agree that getting people out to vote is extremely important and I do not think what Christie did was right necessarily, I just think that politicians all do anything needed to win. It is unfair to blame or judge any politician for making decisions to benefit his campaign because you have to assume the opposing party is employing similar tactics.

      • I agree, all politicians do whatever they can to get elected regardless of party. Republicans often get criticized for their use of gerrymandering to win congressional elections even though both parties do.

      • Sure. Thanks for replying.

        In that case, we should forgive politicians for mailing flyers to the opposite party telling them the wrong day or place to vote?

        There is no minimum standard for playing the game?

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