Monumental Posts! Blog Council 5

The Blog Council is back on the prowl and while the government has closed most of its national institutions, we found that some of you have been representing them quite well. The most noteworthy representations were:

Kamal, representing Pearl Harbor
with his comments about sinking ships

Chelsea L, representing The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
with her creative dialogue

Haley, representing the Library of Congress
with her collection of political cartoons

Chris, representing the National Archives
with his presentation of facts and figures

We decided that these posts were noteworthy because…

  • They went “against the grain”. These posts were creative and brought up themes not seen in most other posts.
  • They included outside media like pictures, video, and links.
  • They brought in a broader public. The statistics of our blog site show that interesting and creative topic draw in viewers from all over the world!!

Other comments and themes…

  • There were a lot of connections between the investment banks from TBTF and the government shut down
  • Many posts had similar themes so suggestion for next time – read and comment before your write your own post so we can reach beyond the ideas in the first few posts
  • Each post only has up to four votes – lets try to vote on all of the posts so we can start to have Reader Favorites!
  • Some posts are starting to get a bit short, so lets work on expanding on thoughts and ideas to be more elaborate and conclusive

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