Crisis Management

“Too Big to Fail” is a fantastic portrayal of a dismal time in our country’s financial history. Careers were lost, retirement funds seemed to disappear overnight, and families were forced into frugality on the smallest of purchases. Personally, the crisis affected my family fairly drastically due to timing and unforeseen natural disasters. A year following the fallout, my house took on 5 feet of water and mud from a major storm that devastated my entire town and area. Forced to move into my grandmother’s house for the time being, we took to repairs and renovations that we hoped would get us back into our home in no time. However, still feeling the effects that the stock market crash took on members of my family, we took to working on the house without outside help in order to save money. A six-month job turned into 3 years fairly quickly with us just moving out of my grandmother’s home 2 short months ago. Assets that would normally be in place for such a venture were allocated in more important areas because of the massive hit the crisis took on my family. We are not alone in the climb back from 2008, for everyone was affected in different ways due to careless decision making by people who did not believe any type of crash was possible.


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