Blog Police

Welcome to the second blog council review, WOOOH! After meeting with Jordi and Frank we have some nice feedback for you all. Also, we decided to theme this blog review, so think back to your high school days and get ready for some superlatives later in the post. We could tell everyone took the time to watch the play carefully but there were a few points that could use a bit of work…

  • A lot of people’s usernames make it difficult to know who actually wrote the post. Be proud of your posts and change your user name to something more obvious
  • You’re all beautiful people; get a picture so we can look at those hot mugs as we read your thoughts.
  • Ratings! Those stars are there for a reason, use them! It will be really helpful to your classmates to rate the blogs on quality. Don’t be afraid to say something isn’t very good!
  • Page title — we decided it would be fun and interesting if each new blog council picks a new page title that has something to do with the topic.
  • Try to use some media. Some funny photos or serious graphs will add a lot of value to your posts

With all that said there were also some themes we noticed after reading everyone’s posts.

  • Most seemed to really enjoy the play’s added history of Apple and Steve Jobs
  • Most people felt the play did a great job of ousting Daisey’s lies while still getting across concerns about labor issues in China
  • There were lots of comments about Chinese culture – many of you seemed to learn a lot from the play and your Chinese peers
  • These post seems a little shorter and less involved than posts in the past. Make sure you take the time to write carefully and elaborate on your ideas
  • Bo Yao is obviously a popular guy!

Most Likelys!

Chelsea Alpert – Most likely to be a Chinese Ambassador

blog council china Sophia Geraci – Most likely to switch her major to Chinese

blog council sophia Maureen Gilroy – Most likely to be a world class blog commenter

 blog council trophy

Matt Haller – Most likely to be a political speech writer

blog council political speech Chris McCree – Most likely to be a NY Times op-ed columnist

blog council ny times

Tom Romanowski – Most likely to be an FBI agent Blog Council FBI Haley Thomas – Most likely to not have a title

blog council blank paper Bridget Wilcox – Most likely to be a TV investigative reporter (you know your sources, girl)

blog council reporeter


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