Retraction Reaction

Journalism is not something that Mike Daisey seems to know much about. He seems to have missed the point where journalism needs to be factual and truthful. Mike Daisey is a storyteller and a performer with a profound understanding of how to make a story interesting and to get people to care about a topic. Daisey’s story about Apple and the atrocities at the Foxconn facility are a prime example of storytelling to make a point and change opinions as opposed to actually news reporting.



While it is upsetting to see that Daisey felt he could not convey an emotional response using real, hard facts I do understand the motivation for falsifying information. It is evident that Daisey was passionate about this topic and the people who have suffered in Chinese work factories but there comes a point where lying to create passion is unethical and changes the motivation for the story.


Knowledge is a strange thing because it is so subjective to the amount of information that is disclosed. While Daisey did create fabrications about Foxconn and the workers there was still some truth to what his story told. Full disclosure or a lack of full disclosure can completely alter a story and its effects on a society. Daisey did not give the full story and choose to fabricate different aspects of the story to create a more intense reaction. Daisey’s fabrications and creation of this fact knowledge is unethical because it encouraged so many opinions, even if the intention was an attempt to be noble.  



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