Behind the Gates

This podcast was very moving for me after studying abroad in China for six months.  Before arriving in China, I didn’t know much about the country besides the fact the most of my clothing tags said ‘made in China’.   I believed I would see more or hear more about all these factories that must exist since all my products said ‘made in China’.  To my surprise, I did not once hear anyone discuss this issue, or see any sign of a factory. Granted I lived in Beijing and Shanghai, which are huge cities not fit for a factory, but they are the headquarters of these major companies so wouldn’t you think there would be some talk amongst locals that I would come across?

Listening to this podcast really hit ‘home’.  I could imagine myself as Mike Daisey talking to these workers, hearing their side of the story ‘behind the gates’.  Sadly, I was not shocked to hear that horrible stories of suicides, government and higher-ups denying facts, and the poor treatment of the workers.  It is a terrible fact but to me not a surprising one.

You would hope there would be a way to avoid or change this situation that is happening in ShenZhen but to me there’s little hope.  We can look to Apple as an example, and ask why or how they can ‘not’ know about what’s going on, but from my experience in China, I can tell you, it’s pretty easy, just think of the reaction of Mike Daisey’s translator.


One comment on “Behind the Gates

  1. What specifically about her reaction are you referencing? I wonder what you think of her later comments in the retraction episode, where she seems more understanding of Daisey’s purpose that Ira Glass et al.

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