Mr. Daisey and Apple

I found it interesting how Mike Daisey opened his monologue by exclaiming his strong bias for Apple products. I initially thought that the rest of his segment would be about how we as humans often develop these biases, which actually are not beneficial. How perhaps I would pay an extra $100 for an Ipad over a Samsung tablet simply because of my preconceived notions. Yet, he took his monologue in a different direction. He surprisingly went on to attack Apple and Foxcon and the way that their factory workers are treated. From the workers whose hands have been destroyed by extreme repetition of actions, to the woman who was fired from her job for simply bringing up a complaint about working conditions, to the man whose hand was crushed in the Ipad assembly line. Daisy humanizes the horrors that Apple, a global icon, allows to happen to its employees. Yet, interestingly enough he himself has and carries an Ipad. So the point of his monologue is not to make us as the consumers feel guilty. Instead I believe it is to attack the decision makers at Foxcon and Apple.

His re-telling of his conversation with Kathy when she asks the question, “do you think these people are mentally ill?” is a chilling part of the script. While her own answer for that question is “no”,  I might have to disagree. If the people making decisions allow for people to put through situations that are essentially torture, are these people not mentally ill? The fact that human lives are ruined and even lost for small percentage gains in profit is nothing short of an abomination. Yet, globally factory workers are treated this way, because we live in a world driven by capitalization and the desire for more.


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