Tesla, Friedman, and Freeman

Both Friedman and Freeman identify the clear disconnect between business and what we are ethically responsible for. It is a moral and ethical argument about which route is better for work-life balance and the preservation of American capitalist markets. As a corporation, Milton argues that there is a paramount importance put on creating the highest profits for the shareholders. But, Ed expresses that with only a focus on profits, although many corporations may achieve this goal, it may be at the expense of their workers or environments that they operate in.

I wanted to bring up Tesla motors into the conversation. Here is a car company that is the quintessential eco friendly company, because not only are they environmentally conscious, but their products are based on a responsibly environmental future. It is an electric car with no emissions…even more important is that they are using this responsibility for the environment as a selling angle. Consumers are changing and want a cleaner planet, and Tesla is using this shift in consumer wants to the staple of their business.

So maybe in the future as we as a human race realize the imminent destruction of our home planet will start to use this idea of green as a selling technique as Tesla has. A world where businesses have realized that being environmentally conscious will in turn create higher profits and satisfy both goals of satisfying stakeholders and giving back to society in a positive way.



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