SAS is a leading organization in the business analytics software and services and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. SAS works closely with their customers trying to give them the best services and offering hands on support. Furthermore the primary asset SAS focuses on is “creative capital,” always seeking employees who have technical and domain expertise.

SAS differentiates itself from other competitors by following an employee-focused philosophy since 1976. Their business model stems from the idea that “satisfied employees create satisfied customers.” They pride themselves on the trust they create between their employees and the company by rewarding creativity and innovation, encouraging new ideas and taking chances, and caring about employee’s personal and professional growth. The SAS culture focuses on a positive work-life balance so that the dedicated and satisfied employees bring their whole selves to work and feel as if they have meaningful work. This company is known for “treating their workers like royalty.” (

SAS is definitely an example of stakeholder managing Ed Freeman would argue. Not only does SAS develop and nurture their customer relationships, always offering hands on support, but they also focus on meeting their own employee’s expectations. Those with “stake” in the practice have attention paid to them. The employees have meaningful work and therefore a sense of purpose is transferred to them. SAS has integrated the company’s business objectives with employee’s personal needs, thus reducing the tension between employee’s professional and private life. When an employee is able to balance work with their interests, they are much more willing to devote themselves to their work and ultimately deliver a better product or service to their customers.


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