Naked Juice Class Action


Pepsico has agreed to a settlement that offers up to a $75 payment to customers who have bought Naked Juice drinks in the past six years. The lawsuit alleged the company violated state and federal laws and consumer protection statutes related to advertising, labeling and marketing of certain products. Specifically, that some of the products contain ingredients that are not “all natural” and contain genetically modified organisms.


This settlement affects stakeholders in the company; consumers who have purchased the juice drink. Freeman would analyze these stakeholders as complex human beings who are not necessarily just economic maximizers; they have other driving factors. Pepsico tried to create the most “value” for their product by allegedly lying about the ingredients they put into their drinks, but this did not pan out for them.  Consumers seem to have created other sources of value in regards to their consumption. Rather than simply worrying about words written on a label, consumers may see value more as the honesty or trustworthy-ness of a company.


One comment on “Naked Juice Class Action

  1. This unethical practice my Pepsico shows how a company can use a growing trend to capitalize on profit. The company falsely advertised its product in order to maximize shareholder return rather than addressing into the health benefits the stakeholders were seeking.

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