The one for one concept became a huge hit over recent years thanks to the popularity of Toms. The basic principal is that for every shoe purchased, the company donates a pair to children in one of 60 countries it supports. The shoes are made with sustainable and vegan materials. Toms also actively manages and oversees their suppliers and vendors to make sure they are in compliance with the company’s policies and code of ethics. The company has gone beyond simply giving shoes, and worked extensively in bringing awareness to issues such as children’s health and educational needs. They also have a focus on improving sight for the visually impaired. Toms has also allowed for the customer to be involved and created a program called Ticket to Give. The program allows for Toms’ customers to apply and, if selected, attend one of the service trips with the company and assist in the distribution of the shoes to children.  On an internal level,  they provide training for their employees on a number of business and leadership topics, including training their supply chain employees by a respected third party expert on the important topic of human trafficking and slavery prevention.

Ed and Milton would both applaud Toms for their move to be social responsible as well as maintaining ethical values. Toms is proof that a business whose can be created with a social responsibility as its driving force and has be successful from it it. Employees are able to see first hand  “that their work matters” and are given a large portion of the responsibility in helping to make the difference.  The company has identified its stakeholders, and has devoted their efforts to make sure they work to improve their lives. The work to educate and create opportunities for their staff, identifying the importance they play in not only keeping their business alive, but also in promoting and enacting Toms’ mission.


4 comments on “Toms

  1. It is really interesting how TOMS uses their social responsibility as a selling angle. It is very similar to my blog (Tesla, Friedman, and Freeman), about how Tesla motors uses their environmentally conscious products as a selling angle; aligning with changing consumer values towards more socially responsible earth.
    It is really great how TOMS is able to reap profits along with their social responsibility strategy. Very cool. But I don’t think that Milton would be happy at all with them. I frankly think he would be sick at the fact that shoes were being given away for free, but hey, it’s a changing world.

    Good read, nice job

    • I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t and that was a mistake on my part. Thanks for calling me out on that. The truth is however with companies like Tesla and Toms, it is profitable in two areas to be a socially responsible company. One is you are addressing a growing consumer move who support you efforts and the other is you are doing a benefit to the society at large.

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